Video Production

Creative Corporate video production solutions for your product or service. Crafting your story your audience in mind. We have 25 years of experience, a mastery of Business Video Production that leads to easy interviews, great discussions that allow you to communicate your knowledge and passion. Great content makes a great promo-video leading to higher conversion rates. We are passionate about making your video needs come to life, we listen intently, your goals are important to us. 

CEO Welcome Message

CEO Dan Stoltz – This Welcome Video is used in a bunch of ways on the website and used in other client facing videos.

Intro Promo Video

Promotional Video – Do you need a Promo Video like this. Do you have a company website that is mostly Text and Photos? Add a video introduction 

PR Video

We take a relaxed approach to interviewing, allowing the talent to fully express their passion and knowledge for the subject. Not everyone has on camera experience, but you can look like you do.

GE Transportation VP

Two-person interview video in the booth. Created to introduce the New VP of GE Transportation. We also shot photos of this Booth and photos at the outdoor Train Yard booth.

Corporate Blog Video

Corporate Blog Video – Sharing key messages with employees or potential clients. We produced 3 blog videos highlighting big data software and hardware.

Industrial Promo Video

Industrial introduction and tour, covering the major departments highlighting robotics and other tech. Interviews produced with green screen for style.

Event Promo Video

During this event in October, we shot both Photo & Video. We shot headshots right in the booth. Then we also created this Promo for the following year’s kickoff. The client posted a few times and got great feedback.

Training Video

Regions Hospital Infectious Disease training, produced for internists, doctors, and nurses alike. We used a color to illustrate the infections easy spread. We also create Muti-camera Training Videos.

TikTok, Inta, Facebook

We created 3 Social Media videos for Zia Products, along with stills of all her hair and lip products. 

Social Media Vertical Video

Social Media Videos can be an add-on to a larger video. Or it could be the main event.

Social Media Content

Vertical Videos for TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Shot in 4K allows for loads of options. 

Corporate video production companies create a wide variety of videos for businesses and organizations. Here examples of the types of videos corporate video we create:

  • Promotional videos: These videos are designed to promote a company or organization and highlight its products or services.
  • Brand videos: Brand videos are focused on establishing or promoting a company’s brand identity and values.
  • Training videos: These videos are designed to educate and train employees or customers on specific topics, products, or services.
  • Testimonial videos: Testimonial videos feature customers or clients sharing their positive experiences with a company or product.
  • Event videos: These videos capture events such as conferences, product launches, or company celebrations.
  • Social media videos: These short videos are designed for social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Business video production companies work closely with their clients to understand their goals and objectives, and then use their expertise to create high-quality videos that effectively communicate the desired message.

We enjoy making it easy to execute your video. Let’s plan your next production with a pre-production meeting on zoom or in-person.