This online video training series is for a wonderful group of Nurses, Techs, Physicians and Surgeons. They for a group that when called, respond to a life threatening situations.ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is a procedure that uses a machine to take over the work of the lungs and sometimes the heart. They are like a SWAT team coming to rescue a child from danger! It’s very technical and needs a large group to respond and work together with great skill and team work.

I was in intensive care at the Saint Paul branch of Children’s Hospital when I was 14. I have Addison’s Disease, it’s adrenal insufficiency. I take meds and that balances me out. Working with the good folks at Children’s Hospital meant the world to me. This is one way I am able to give back to an institution that cared for me at the moment I needed it most. I never really thought about it, but this is the crux of the reason for working with the medical community.