GE Transportation hired Brown & Co

Ryan shot Videos and Photos for GE Transportation during the 2015 Railway Interchange convention at the Minneapolis Convention Center in October or 2015. 5 videos and edited 2 of them that afternoon. One was a Q&A with Jamie S. Miller SVP
We started with a wide angle to provide a sense of location, then shot close up, and ended with an edited version that included an interview. We also produced a straight-on interview with the new CEO of GE Transportation, it will be used to introduce the Jamie S. Miller internally.
Directing and shooting, I shot PR Photos of the Sales Team at the booth and a group photo of the whole crew while setting up and finding time for video interviews. People weren’t the only things I recorded that day. A walk around the train yard the outdoor part of the convention where I shot PR photos of Jamie and GE’s new Tier 4 Locomotive.

 “I kinda geeked out on trains”

Sitting in the engineers seat and looking out the window of these monster trains imagining that these people have control of thousands of pounds moving at high speeds thats a lot of pressure. Crazy yellow train made to clean up the edge of an old rail line. It’s big wheel opps out and scoops the shoulder of old loamy rail bed into a conveyor belt and dumps it into the next car and then dumps rock on to the shoulder to make a new rail bed that is strong. I have to admit I kinda geeked out on trains.Loram


GE Locomotive Interior