Brown & Company was fortunate enough to record Cray’s blog videos.

And I thought I was a geek…since meeting a few Cray folks, the bar has been set even higher. Super computing is whole different ballgame. It’s bigger, faster and built to handle so much more. Some of the language used could have been from films like The Matrix or going way back… Tron.

I enjoyed learning how some industries are using Cray Super Computers. In the health care industry, one use is to map a persons genes, see the relationships from one structure to another and how they change with treatment.  It was a fun way to spend a day, shooting corporate video with my sweet Canon C100 and 24-105 f4 in CP8 (wide dynamic range) mode. I look forward  to the edit and to seeing it posted on Cray’s blog. A special thanks goes out to my producer on this gig Gabriel Gasca in Scottsdale.

Update….. 4-30-14

To me it’s stunning how much data these super computers can crunch, a whole genome in 3 hours. I walked in to Cray in Saint Paul, looking to see one of these computers, they are so big they don’t have room for it. My mom used to work for Data Core in the 80’s and 90’s and worked with massive computers back when they were in a large air-conditioned clean room. I used to get to visit this room, it’s a similar to way I felt walking into Cray in Saint Paul a few weeks ago, wow! They have a Cray 1 behind glass, it’s a circular sofa with padded seats and a eight foot tower coming out of the center. The first of three videos is posted on Cray’s blog.

This video leads up to Cray’s talk at Bio-IT World in Boston . Video Blog: Solutions that Enable Life Sciences Advances.